Goshen Prep

Academic Development & Mentorship

Goshen Prep LLC is an organization that provides Talent Development and Mentorship through the prism of tutoring in Academics of children grades K-8th. Our primary focus is Reading, Mathematics, and Writing but our Interns will also come along-side our student clients to help work through Homework issues and mentor them, developing good study habits that will boost their abilities and self esteem. We feel that in this new era of the Coronavirus Pandemic our kids are not only falling behind in education, but they are being impacted emotionally as well; further widening the academic achievement gap.

At Goshen Prep we will strive to provide an affordable tutoring solution that is administered with a Servant’s Heart. We offer Virtual and In-Person tutoring sessions.

Sean Darden | MBA | Chief Executive Officer

Former Sr. Operations Manager with over 20 years, experience in the Manufacturing and Distribution industry. My professional career got its start in the United States Marine Corps. I made the transition out of the military and into the field of manufacturing and distribution. The thing that I most value about my military experience is the commitment to the team concept; that a properly developed team can accomplish anything.

Armed with this knowledge and the gifts of discernment and empathy, I was able to carve out a successful path from an entry level position, all the way to top management. Along this journey I discovered my passion for talent development, mentorship, and working with young people. I have taken my years of experience building highly productive professionals in the workplace and created a talent development and mentorship program that will have an impact in the lives of kids on every level of education.

Daisy Darden | MA Human Behavior | Chief Financial Officer

Daisy Darden provide administrative support to Goshen Prep LLC. Daisy is a native San Diegan married to Sean Darden for over 31 years. She currently works as a Student Service Advisor for the last 7 years at a Christian University. She currently advises new and returning students on academic planning, major changes, review of transfer credits, and general education for degree completion. Her goal is to build relationships with individual students that will promote student retention.

She serves as the primary contributor to the University’s knowledge base concerning student needs and recommend updates and or changes to programs and processes as needed. She has over 13 years of experience working with students in Higher Education. Daisy earned a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and master’s degree in Human Behavior. She has worked for several school districts servicing students with behavioral challenges and Special Education. Daisy developed a strong sense of devotion and passion for Counseling young adults and parents with children with disabilities.

Our Partners

We have formed a partnership with future educators from the high school ranks and have created a Talent Development Program designed to prepare them to succeed on the next level of adulthood and for college. They serve as tutors and mentors as they come along your child and pour into them from their servant’s heart. We affectionately refer to them GoshenTerns, but they are the best of the best.